What Do You See Here?

I first began to conceptualize this visual collection in the summer of 2017. Yet, now that I think of it, the idea has been with me since the earliest days of my quiet childhood. 
As a keen observer with an imaginative perception of my surroundings, I have always been fascinated by how everyday objects seem to appear alive.  Much like in the movie, "Toy Story," I believe that many repetitious objects in our society can go overlooked unless we focus on them as subjects.
That being said, with the help of my good friend and talented artist, Calvin Anthony-Duscheid, we have collected a set of 24 images to reveal the incomparable character some of these inanimate objects behold. The title of our project, "What Do You See Here?," was conceptualized by Ina Joseph. It represents our subjects' curiosity about their audiences. 
Whether it is through a trick of the light, an interesting composition, or simply, the overwhelming eeriness of a mundane image,  life can be found anywhere. 


Thank you very much for viewing.


GianCarlo Lobo, Calvin Anthony-Duscheid and Ina Joseph.