future past

A film adaption for Off the Cuff Magazine's, "Future Past," concept shoot. 
Off the Cuff: "Future Past" (2018)
By GianCarlo Lobo

"The Art of Movement"

A teaser video celebrating the art of movement in Asian cultures. 
Boston University Center for the Study of Asia: "The Art of Movement" (2018)
By GianCarlo Lobo



The unreleased promo

A montage of black and white stills in the common Boston area.
Boston University Screen Language: STLL (2017)
By GianCarlo Lobo
A promotional video for the hip hop group, Just Another Crew, and their single "HQ."
Just Another Crew -  HQ [Promo Video] (2017)
By GianCarlo Lobo

"For Gashaw"


"Hour House"

A tribute to my friend and brother.
From the Lobos to you: "For Gashaw" (2017) 
Love us.
A documentary about a 24-hour daycare in Oakland, CA.
AIM Spring Semester Documentary: "Hour House" (2016)
By Emma Schnee, GianCarlo Lobo, Olivia Phillips, and Daniel Law.

"The Broth of Life"


"My Statement"

A documentary about ramen noodle culture in the Bay Area.
AIM Spring Semester Documentary: "The Broth of Life" (2015)
By Audrey Romjue, GianCarlo Lobo, and Darian Dveris.
A visual adaption of my senior personal statement.
AIM Personal Statement: "MY STATEMENT" (2015)
By GianCarlo Lobo