At school, I work on the photography team for a student run fashion magazine -- "Off The Cuff." Here are my contributions to the magazine thus far. 

Crowd Shoot.

Creative Direction: Nicki Hymowitz, Photographer: GianCarlo Lobo, Featuring: Kendall Caputo, Nicki Hymowitz, Ina Joseph, Jose Alberto Orive, Nour Nathan.


Creative Direction: Deric Hamer, Photography: Allison Caulfield, Photo Editing: GianCarlo Lobo, Featuring: Janna Collins, Holly Stewart, GianCarlo Lobo, Styling: Hair & Makeup: Art Direction: Naomi Tenenini, Saumya Chugh.

Working and Wearing

Author: Calvin Anthony-Duscheid, Photographer: GianCarlo Lobo.