Introduction: After graduation, 6 lads and I took over Europe. There, we made Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and the entire country of Portugal our b*tches. During this time, my friends and I got up to no good, but the antics we got into affirmed one thing -- we're bosses.

This album is about real friends. 


(TOP): CP3 getting cultured. 

In Amsterdam, my friends and I timeshared a tentacle you could say. Everything was beautiful. Nothing was restricted.

The man on the left symbolizes my state of mind at the time.

(TOP): Train Wreck enigma.



(BOTTOM): junk left out on the street. 

(TOP): Left to Right: Mateo, Sn00p, Gopher, E, KB, Lize.

Afternoons in Amsterdam were lazy. One afternoon, Cameron peed in a bush. Another time, he bought vans and got a haircut.

Ryan and Mateo hooked up.

Gopher videotaped a stripper.

Biker got hit by a bike. 

We lost Swirls.

Browner put a cigarette up my butt. 




In the days of 016, things were weird. Back then Wahoo was the word. TLOP was the album, And rollin was the lifestyle. Sometimes I miss those day, so today I still ROole. 

(TOP): That time Swirley got a nosebleed but was still straight sav. 




Besides all of the antics we got ourselves into, I got a chance to see someplace new. From my observations: Amsterdam was hazy, Berlin was real, Prague was cute, Lagos was incredible, and Lisbon was sentimental. Unfortunately my camera broke by the time we got to Prague, so here's some final photos of Berlin.  


(BOTTOM): View from the top of Berlin.

(TOP): The Ghost.

On the way to the air bnb, this man recited a 5 minute monologue from memory to me and told me he could speak four different languages. He preached a story about peace and gave me some notes. I gave him a euro but I don't think I repaid him fully.  

(TOP): The East Berlin Gallery.

(TOP): Pool in the water. 

(TOP): Deutschland: 1.                         Northern Ireland: 0.