In the summer of 2013, Aaron and I discovered a continent. Today, we retouch moments which transformed us.  



In the summer going into my sophomore year, my best friend Aaron and I traveled to South Africa. There, we toured Cape Town, Johannesburg, Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. On our trip, we revisited Aaron's father's childhood and learned about the history of apartheid.  We learned about the story of Nelson Mandela and the sacrifices he made to make humanity equal. Here are some photos I took along the way. 



Robben Island


During the apartheid era, the South African government sent many political activist leaders to Robben Island where they became prisoners. The idea was to isolate all anti-segregation groups from their leaders in order to prevent rebellion. One noticeable leader who was imprisoned was Nelson Mandela.

 Mandela was incarcerated on Robben Island from 1964-1982.


(TOP): Entrance to Robben Island.

(TOP): Prison Courtyard at Robben Island.

This photo was taken right before a team of South African ladies started singing in full choir. I'll never forget that moment. Interesting enough, there was a double rainbow in the sky at the time as well // DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY! // .


Okavango Delta


After seeing Cape Town, we packed our bags and entered the Bush. We took a quick plane ride to the Moremi Game Reserve and then traveled deep into the Okavango Delta. Here is the start of our journey. 


(TOP): Getting OFF a 6 man plane  for a Botswanian safari.

(TOP): Left to Right: our Pilot, Ivor. 

(TOP): Hippopotamus Skull.





(TOP): me peeing.



(TOP): Procreation.




(TOP & BOTTOM): Lillac breasted roller bird.

I saw hella birds in Botswana, here are some of my favorites.





(TOP): Left to Right: Me and air chillin.


(TOP): The Messiah Himself.

















One day, we spotted this leopard hung up in a tree. His body was motionless. Apparently, the leopard got into some sh'%$t with some baboons and lost the battle drastically.

Sucks for the leopard but it made a great picture for us to take!











Search & Rescue Pt. 1


One night, on the way back to camp, we stumbled upon a family whose car got stuck in the sand. Being the good samaritans that we are, we gladly gave them a hand. Nevertheless,  our first rescue mission would not suffice. Little did we know that the family would get stranded for a second time and would spend an entire night trapped in the Bush. Luckily for them, we found the family the next morning.

They were sitting in their car still stuck in the sand. 


(TOP): Us digging on the first Rescue mission.

(Bottom): Success at last. 

(TOP): The drive home. 



The next morning we found the family stuck again. They had spent the whole night in the car watching elephants pass by them. We dug them out a second time and gave them breakfast. Mission accomplished.


(TOP): Family. 


victoria falls

(TOP): Left to Right: MArinda, ME.

(TOP): Mother. son. 




(TOP): Your average Botswanian Sunset.



Going to Africa was the first time I learned to love the world. Looking back now, I can't think of any other experience which shaped my life more. In Africa, I got to immortalize a friendship, I had the chance to witness one's past and I gained a deep understanding of the beauty that surrounds me at all times. I loved my time at the Southern tip and I can't wait to visit again at another point in my life. 

As a naive 14 year old, I was lucky enough to visit a continent. Here is a picture that symbolizes my appreciation for the trip.