Entry 196

You never realized how luck you are until everything changes. I miss long days with you. Yes, time moved slow but times were simpler as well. At least I have some photos to remind me of those days.

Entry 193

2 worlds collide for one weekend featuring 2 pre-pubescent middle school boys and a college girlfriend. :)

Entry 186

"You see? The tyrannosaur doesn’t obey set patterns or park schedules.  The essence of Chaos."
"I’m still not clear on Chaos."
"It simply deals with unpredictability in complex systems. The shorthand is the Butterfly Effect. A butterfly can flap its wings in Peking and in Central Park you get rain instead of sunshine."

Entry 182

We missed the Kenyans for 2 years in a row but we'll catch y'all in 2019! 

Entry 181

bros who take Queer French Cinema to fulfill their language requirements.