Entry 238

Street Jungle Juice will be the only beverage served at fall retreat 2019.

Entry 237

I gave Jake my tequila and he yacked all his breakfast out. What a great morning it was.

Entry 233

We wrote a 20 page divestment proposal, submitted it to BU’s ACRSRI, and collectively changed everything.

Entry 232

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? Or, is it a bartender? Either way, this was the best birthday present a bar-back could ask for.

deka order (19 of 69).jpg

Entry 230

There is no better combination than Najila and Victoria’s seafood. No such thing exist.

deka order (17 of 69).jpg

Entry 226

Did you know Sofiko has never sneezed? Also, Kevin can’t read but that one is self-explanatory.